The approach of spring brings the promise of warm, warmer and the warmest months to come. We’d like to share some important tips to help ensure your welcome relief of winter’s cold comes from the sun and not from fire.

Flash fire—when lightning strikes

Because of atmospheric conditions, summer is the most common time of year for lightning. There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk that those flashes filling the sky will damage your home and what’s in it:

Whole House Protection:

A whole house surge protector which, is installed between the power line and main breaker, is the best kind of protection for your home from lightning traveling through the utility line. Check your local power company to see if they can provide this protection. If not, consult a licensed electrician. Please note that this may not provide protection if lightning hits your home through other sources, such as plumbing lines, chimneys, tree roots, air conditioners or antennas.

Surge protection for property:

Lightning can cause strong electromagnetic fields that trigger a power surge and damage electronic equipment. A best practice is to install surge protection for power cords to electronic equipment, and telephone and cable/satellite TV lines. And when a storm is coming, unplug computers, TVs and other electronic devices.

Fire up the grill—not your home

Planning to tap your inner grill master in the coming months? Here are a few grilling safety tips:

  • Don’t give it fuel. Be sure to keep your grill away from your home, deck railings and overhanging branches or patio plants.
  • Keep it Clean. Regular maintenance is important to avoid fat build up and reduce fire risk.
  • Do the sniff test. If you have a gas grill, check the tank hose for leaks each year before using it. One test is to apply a light soap-and-water solution to the hose and if bubbles are released, you’ve got a leak. Or, if you smell gas when the grill is going, turn it off immediately.
  • Start right. For charcoal grills, use only charcoal starter fluid and never add it to the fire.
  • The right finish. When you’re done grilling, cool the coals completely before disposing them in a metal container.

Plan your escape

Don’t wait until an emergency—plan your escape now. Practice several times a year and make sure you and your family members can get out of the house in two minutes or less.

We’re here for you in storm season and always

Equity Insurance Agency, Inc. would like to assure you that in the event of damage to your home or vehicle during a storm, we’re here to help.

As a reminder, if you do suffer a loss, you have several options for reporting claims:

  • Call us at (630)627-7764
  • Contact your insurance company directly either online or by phone.

Just remember to have fun and be safe this summer. We here at Equity are available to help you with any insurance questions, needs, or problems you may encounter.

*information provided by Kemper newsletter*