Learn About the Benefits of Extra Protection

When it comes to obtaining additional coverage for the life that you’ve built, Equity Insurance Agency wants to be your insurance advocate. Our seasoned insurance professionals can talk to you about the pricing and details of an umbrella policy and give you honest advice you won’t get from the big companies.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Umbrella insurance provides additional protection to your home and auto policies, and it kicks in when your coverage limits have been reached. Many clients who thought umbrella insurance wasn’t worth the expense wish they had it when they were later involved in an expensive accident or lawsuit.

We’ll Outline the Basics of Umbrella Coverage

To decide how much umbrella insurance coverage is right for you, you’ll have to look at your total personal assets and your potential for risk. It may sound confusing, but we’ll help you through it! One big advantage of working with a small, independent provider like Equity Insurance Agency is that you can get the necessary insurance details explained to you by friendly, trained professionals.

An umbrella insurance policy could be essential if you get sued for things like:

  • Injuring someone of very high worth with your car
  • A tragic injury that occurs on your property
  • Your beloved family dog seriously injures somebody walking by your home

Another advantage of our independent status is that we can work with different insurance sources and compare policies to find the one that works best for your budget.

Properly planning for your future means you’ve got to plan for the worst. If you’d like some help, contact Equity Insurance Agency today by calling 877-627-7808. To visit us, stop by our office in Lombard, Illinois. If you’d like a free, no-obligation quote, fill out the form above. Mitigate the risk in your future so you can live with peace of mind.