Few people enjoy the unknown. Fewer still enjoy being involved in accidents.

If you’ve been involved in an accident – or feel you need to file a claim – please feel free to either call us or fill out our online claim form. An agent will contact you shortly.

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

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Combine & Save

You have a number of policies that protect the precious facets of your life. Home, auto, life – you have all your bases covered. Now, if you haven’t considered it before, you may want to consider it now: combining your policies.

At Equity Insurance Agency, we can combine your policies and even reduce your monthly premium. Just think, less hassle, less paperwork, and a nifty discount.

Contact us today – or fill out online contact form – to get the details!

Agent Referral Program

Equity Insurance Agency can help you better serve your clients!

EIA offers personal and commercial property and casualty insurance-coverage you may not be able to provide. By partnering with Equity, you’ll give your customers what they want-access to a complete line of insurance.

Our goal is to complement your services. We work hard to keep you in front of your prospects and clients. In fact, if we uncover additional insurance needs, we send the referral back to you-a promise other agencies won’t make.

The next time a client asks about property and casualty coverage, you could send her away and hope that you don’t lose her business entirely. Or you could send her to a respected, well-established insurance agency.

Call or email Equity Insurance Agency, Inc. Your clients will thank you.

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