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Volcano Mulching Harms Trees


The Term "Volcano Mulching" refers to a practice of piling mulch against the trunk of a tree, thereby creating a "Volcano" shape at the base of the tree.

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Equity Insurance Agency, Inc. Earns Senior Partner Designation


Equity Insurance Agency Inc of Lombard has earned the Senior Partner designation fromGrange Insurance, placing the agency in an elite group. This honor places special status upon independent agencies that sell Grange products based on their experience, professionalism and performance.

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Equity Insurance Agency, Inc has been recognized by Grange Insurance as one of their overall top performing Agencies in Illinois for 2012.  EIA is now a member of Grange's distinguished INNER CIRCLE AGENTS FOR 2013.  Less then 1% of Grange's agencies qualify for this honor.

"Equity Insurance has continued to be a leader in their field of expertise in the State of Illinois and represents Grange Insurance at the highest levels.  "We are honored to have them representing our products and marketing philosophies."  Peter McMurtrie Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.

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Saving on Home Insurance Costs in Illinois


Are you looking for an insurance policy for your home that provides you with the financial protection you need, but which won’t cost you an arm and a leg? In that case, you might be interested in some money-saving tips.

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Deciding to Repair or Replace Your Building’s Roof after a Windstorm


After a windstorm or other disaster, as a business owner, you should check your building’s roof for damage, and if any is found, decide whether to get repairs done or to replace the roof altogether. Business insurance may provide financial compensation if you file a claim for damage, but it’s also vital to help prevent the situation from worsening.

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Protecting Your Vital Records in a Disaster


When you own a business, keeping your vital records protected in case of loss through a disaster or peril is as important as ensuring you have adequate business insurance in place for financial protection. Business records are extremely important for many businesses to operate.

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Insurance for Water Damage


Even though Illinois is currently experiencing drought conditions, it is a flood prone state. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources maintains that with 7,400 square miles of the state at risk, floods are the most common natural disaster in Illinois.

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The Basics of Your Business Insurance Policy


When new to the business world in Illinois, it’s not always immediately obvious how much insurance entrepreneurs might need. One area that can be particularly complex for the newcomer is liability.

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