By Marina Collazo 

Over the last few weeks, the dominating news has been the  tragic stories of home damage from storms and tornadoes throughout the Midwest. Whether your home damage is a result of vicious storms, or basement flooding from a sump pump breakdown, or a contained fire resulting from faulty wiring, the emotional and physical affects can be dizzying.

Damage from storms may require roofing or structural repairs. Damage from flooding may require replacement of damaged flooring, carpeting or walls. Fires usually entails clean up of smoke damage to furniture and clothing as well as the areas and possessions damaged by the fire.

And if you are a single woman, or are elderly, where do you turn for help when a calamity hits?

“My parents are older and were very concerned when they found water in their basement,” said Sue DeAngelo who is the Agent and Broker for Beyond Balance. “Although they were totally pleased with their insurance company’s response and the outcome of their claim, what really impressed us was Restoration Coalition’s response.

“Restoration Coalition (Marina Collazo’s brainchild) is a great service! I can say that based on utilizing her services as both an Insurance Agent and as a relative to a residential customer in need!”

What is Restoration Coalition?

Restoration Coalition is a group of companies that have come together to fix problems related to home or commercial property damage from water, fire or smoke. Damage from these elements is always a disaster for the family or company involved.

There is typically damaged carpeting, furniture, building structure, clothing – all of which need to be removed or cleaned. Regardless of whether the amount of damage is small or huge, the clean up is a huge undertaking! And to worsen things, in addition to the loss of valuable belongings, the catastrophe causes emotional and financial drain.

Most people don’t even know where to start if they have such a disaster. The beauty of Restoration Coalition is that one phone call sets all the players in motion. One call to me sets in motion getting insurance company approved vendors out to your site promptly. Our team of experts handles everything from board-up to removal to clean up to restoration.

Being designated as “preferred vendors” for every major insurance company demonstrates the trust that insurance companies have in Restoration Coalition, which should provide you assurance and piece of mind that your job will be done right the first time, at a reasonable cost.

According to Fred Segoviano with American Family Insurance, “I have been in business many years and this was a unique concept to me, When Marina explained what she did, and that there was no extra cost for the insured or the insurance company AND that she was able to provide better customer service, well, I had to give it a try! When we had the massive rains in August of 2007,  I called Marina with 6 different losses. She immediately called all of them and gave each of them her cell phone number. She then proceeded to talk to them about their damage and, for two of them, she was able to tell them how to fix it themselves!!”

“On the other four, she had crews there immediately and one had extensive damage from a microburst and she was able to get them located elsewhere quickly. All of these people could not say enough good things about this added service! I will continue to use Marina for all of my property damage losses,” Fred raved.

Usually when you have a loss, you are directed to an 800 number for claims service. But what if you WERE given that person’s cell phone number? Wouldn’t you feel like they are taking a personal stake in your loss? With RESTORATION COALITION you are given my personal cell phone number.  I will hold your hand thru the entire process. This is the personal service I give to all of my customers.

If you or anyone you know has any kind of a property damage loss to your residential or commercial property…………CALL ME………..I can help! 630-805-0651 or 877-805-0651    24/7/365

This summer if you find yourself with water damage or any other property damage due to fire, smoke or vandalism, call me with any questions or problems!! 630-805-0651    24/7/365

Heaven forbid that you’ll ever need our services, but just in case some day you do need us, cut out this article and put it on your refrigerator so that you’ve got us handy if you need us!

Marina Collazo is a single mother of two teenage daughters who cares for all of her clients. After spending time in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina, she realized the importance of caring customer service in disaster situations. With more than 10 years of experience working in the commercial insurance industry and 14 years of sales/marketing/advertising experience, Marina Collazo started Restoration Coalition to help companies create and implement disaster restoration plans.  As an independent sales and marketing representative specializing in emergency and non-emergency disaster as well as climate control services, Marina Collazo specializes in free and non-binding disaster restoration plans for all sizes of commercial clients, schools, churches and hospitals — both locally and nationally. 

Restoration Coalition


Serving residential and commercial clients nationwide


When Restoration Coalition is involved, you rest assured that Marina is getting the insurance company approved vendors out to the site to do what’s necessary ASAP (therefore – at no cost to you, offering the BEST service out there)!

As a relative to a customer in need: WOW! All in all – totally worthwhile! Having personal experience in Commercial insurance, I would readily recommend her disaster planning resources as well.

If you are an agent, she steps alongside you and acts as a quick response individual that you can tap into. Although I count on the Claims Dept to handle these issues, it’s wonderful to have Marina step in and get your clients the direct response they need.

~ Sue DeAngelo, Agent & Broker, Beyond Balance

Marina is a proud member of DuPage Professional Women’s Network, Ewomen Network, Schaumburg Business Association, Carol Stream Chamber of Commerce and the Carol Stream Rotary.